Ends on August 30, 2018

Fall/Winter 2018 (42.1)-Flora, Fauna, & Lore

Outside, the other voices are speaking.

Pine needles sing with rain

and a night crawler

with its five hearts

beats it

across the road.

In silence

the other voices speak

and they are mine

and they are not mine

and I hear them

and I don’t,

and even police can’t stop earth telling.

—“The Other Voices” by Linda Hogan

For  our next issue, we are embracing our natural world. We are folding up  our maps and wandering into the woods. We are using our writing to  preserve the environment, to speak out against injustices to nature, and  considering ecopoetics and ecocriticism. We are pursuing passed down  stories, folktales, myths, urban legends, and origins. Send us your  poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation, experimental forms, or writing  that greets and challenges the theme.

Closes August 15, 2018.